KOERS. Museum of cycle racing

Flanders is cycle racing and cycle racing is Flanders. And the origin of this passion was in Roeselare. In 1912, Odiel Defraeye became the first Belgian to win the Tour de France and the first in the long line of world champions from Roeselare. Benoni Beheyt, Patrick Sercu, Jean-Pierre Monseré, Freddy Maertens. No wonder Roeselare has been chosen as the home of the KOERS. Museum of Cycle Racing.
KOERS reopened the doors at the end of 2019 with a completely redesigned interior. Expect an interactive ride through the history of cycling and cycling.
On the course you will find a 90 ° cobblestone wall, exceptional trophies, a Service Course crammed with racing bikes, testimonials from cycling enthusiasts, captivating action images and a rainbow of cycling collection pieces.

But KOERS is more than just a museum. It is the place par excellence where young and old gain the cycling virus and the cycling microbe and where you share and experience the passion for cycling and cycling.